Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Turkey hunting 2014

This year I have found out the that the youth turkey license is much more lenient than the one week license lotteries for adults. So I am able to hunt any of the five or six days seasons. So since my uncle and cousins had "A" season licenses  I decided to hunt with them. The first few days were slow with only one bird coming to my call but hangin up almost 200 yards out. But on the last morning of the season my uncle and I left the private land to hunt public where we had seen a few birds the night before. Through out the morning I heard gobbles in the distance but then nothing for three hours until noon when I heard a gobble directly behind me. Three jakes and a tom stepped out of the woods immediately behind me. The tom unfortunately circled around me and didn't give me a shot. But the jakes were very interested in my hen decoy and stayed around. Just when the tom disapeared I shot one of the jakes. It was my first turkey. 

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