Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leech lake ice fishing

This weekend my family stayed with my aunt and uncle at their cabin. We fished for the whole weekend and by the end of the weekend we had caught 28 keeper perch, 1 walleye and four northerns. Along with a ton of perch that went back in the lake. 
I spent a majority of time in the spear house and the northern above is the only fish I saw besides one small northern while setting up. But it was 31" and big enough to keep me spearing. 

The biggest perch of the weekend was 12" long and caught by my brother. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ice fishing update

Ice fishing has been consistent for my brother and me. The crappies have been biting in intervals and we usually go home with at least a few. But this last time out brought a few firsts with it. The perch pictured below were about 11 inches and were the first perch we caught that didn't look like bait. We also had a camera down and saw quite a few northerns so we dropped a sucker down and added a few bobbers but unfortunately didn't get a bite on it. Maybe next time I'll be back with spear in hand.