Saturday, October 13, 2012

Air gun Hunting

Me and My Brother have recently begun hunting squirrels and rabbits with our pellet guns. My brother bought one (big cat 1200)  because of youtube videos he had been watching and thought it was cool. My friends also had them, and  intruduced me. my brother went out and bought a regular rifle looking air gun. we were surprised by the performance and accuracy to hit the same holes at 20 yds.(we would go further but this is how close we are to most small game.) so I decided to go and buy a slightly more expensive pellet gun.(above; gamo silent cat 12500) as you can see mine has a silencer that doesnt seem to do anything but looks really cool. It also has a thumb hole which again is only a preference. It performs the same as my brothers. But I will be able to stretch out my distance on mine because my brother has the scope his came with. which is not bad in any means but is only 4 power. where I replaced mine with a 9 power rifle scope. we have gotten quite a few squirrels, a chipmunk and a rabbit (below) these .177 cal. 1200fps pellet guns have no problem with dispatching these animals unless of course you shoot them in the leg or butt.


  1. Christopher and I enjoyed reading through your new blog! Have you taken Driver's Ed. yet?


  2. The Gamo Silent Cat you bought looks good! It actually resembles the real one especially with the details on the scope and barrel. I wonder if you can mount a laser or change the original scope to infrared to it just to add more realism to its details. Just remember to be responsible enough to not accidentally hurt someone with it, and store it in a secure place.

    Kisha Kitchens

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